Klaus Martin

But who is

Klaus Martin?

Living in the Now

Welcome! My name is Klaus Martin alias Soundscape Troubadour, a Porvoo based Sound and Lighting Designer MA (Theatre Academy of Finland 1998) & Glass Blowing Artisan (Nuutajärvi Glass School 2023).

I am a multi-worker of cultural sector including audio-visual designing in performing and visual arts, music making, producing and recording, performance art, cultural coordination, lecturing and entrepreneurship and nowadays also glassblowing crafts.


I’m interested in multifunctional and cross-sectoral approach to art and life in general. I believe we all are artists of our lives which is even our task here: to find and leave behind even a small legacy of beauty and understanding. Nowadays I wander a lot in nature looking for the now-moment when answers seem to arise as if by themselves. They can be hidden in vast landscapes or soundscapes or on the other hand in the smallest details of nature. The bending of the sun’s ray in a drop of water, the ripple of bond or the sudden move of a leaf or animal can bring the realisation that we are only a tiny little but equally important part of the whole. The past is the past and the future can only be dreamed of but the existence is right now.


– Below there are a few living pictures or snapshot films of the now-moments from my little nature trips.


Contact: soundscape.troubadour [at] gmail.com