Klaus Martin



Live soundscapes in interaction with environment

Soundscape Troubadour does live soundscapes with acoustic sound sources. He operates in various contexts like exhibitions, performances, retreats, meditations, happenings or different spaces and acoustics in general, where the intention is to interact with environment as a catalyst for new stories or associations.


Soundscape Troubadour can just be booked for a gig like any troubadour with a little difference that the happening is not so concert-like but more longitudinal creation of sound coulisse. Like said, all sounds are generated acoustically but every now and then put for rotation with audio looper, which allows for a layered construction of the soundscape or continuous sound flow if needed. So a little PA comes with troubadour.


– Below there is a small video trailer of the Soundscape Troubadour with English subtitles. The other video is a 5 min video collage about a 4 h nonstop happening of the Mystical soundscapes of the Old Hot Shop (@Nuutajärvi Lux 2021), where we sail on the waves of the Finnish glassblowing history. Third video is a preview about the mechanical acoustic surround systems of the nonelectric sound design I did in 2005 for a summer theatre play One Thousand & One Summer Nights, already then in the spirit of the Soundscape Troubadour. The expedition with acoustic sound sources will continue also in the context of sound design..


Contact: soundscape.troubadour [at] gmail.com