Klaus Martin

Sound Designer

Klaus Martin

Sound Design of the Mind

Welcome to listen to some ambients of my sound designs in performing arts from 30 years time. – I consider myself as a Sound Designer of  the Mind which has two sides: Auralization of the state of mind and/or the secret tuning of the human mind by sound. The goal is a soundscape of suggestive or meditative quality near the threshold of hearing which, as a secondary sense, ”secretly” tunes the mind and space. – So adjust the volume to suitably low and don’t so much try to listen but to feel how your state of mind and the experience of space around you is maybe gradually changing.


– I am also interested in soundscapes made with acoustic sound sources: In 2005 I did a nonelectric sound design with mechanical acoustic surround systems for the One Thousand & One Summer Nights theatre play at Porvoo Old City. Since 2015 I have had the concept of Soundscape Troubadour, my alter ego, who does live soundscapes with acoustic sound sources. He operates in various contexts like exhibitions, performances and retreats, where the intention is to interact with environment as a catalyst for new stories or associations. Video footage of both of the concepts above here.


Contact: soundscape.troubadour [at] gmail.com