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Klaus Martin

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Welcome to listen to some of my tunes from 30 years time. I’ve done music for performing arts and TV but also have a history of various band actions.


NEW release 14.10.2022! Below there is video premiere of the previously unreleased song by the Marvin Kiima band. – Good Night (Humankind) song says goodbye to everything on the last day of humanity. English subtitles are available.


Music player content: The first two examples (tr 1 & 2) are from my singer-songwriter project (in Finnish), Marvin Kiima with Ulf Krokfors (bs), Alf Forsman (dr), Kalle Katz (key), Marko Nurmi (gt) around year 2007. Another band from the beginning of the millennium I want to bring out here is the free jazz orchestra Hattula Hippies leaded by the legendary bassist Antti Hytti, who just recently passed away. He was our true professor in this university of free playing and composing. With Hippies I played the Rhodes-piano along with Marko Nurmi (gt), Pasi Rita (sax), Janne Rouvinen (dr) & Poju Nuoranen (djembe). Our version of Carlos Garnett’s Banks of the Nile (tr 3 live bootleg) was a hit of some sort among our fanatic audience in Porvoo 🙂 – Medeia (tr 4) is a composition for dance theatre piece where Mediascape theme (tr 5) and Drama Queen (tr 6) are composed for tv-productions. Katto Kassinen (tr 7) is a theme of a show for kindergarteners.


– More music will appear here as soon as I find them in the arks of my digital cemetery..


Contact: soundscape.troubadour [at] gmail.com

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