Klaus Martin


Klaus Martin

Glassblowing Artisan

My long-term dream came true at the beginning of 2021 when I was able to start glass blowing studies at the Nuutajärvi Glass School. After two and a half years of intensive study, I graduated as a Glass Artisan in May 2023. After leaving the wonderful Nuutajärvi Glass Village (at least for now) the molten glass heated me more and more brightly. So I immediately jumped straight to next, the Glassblower’s Professional Qualification studies which I have been doing since August 2023 at the excellent Mafka & Alakoski Glass Studio in Riihimäki. There, the glassblowers/artists’ Kari Alakoski’s 50-year vision and experience and Marja Hepo-aho’s imaginative and multidisciplinary approaches to glass art are beautifully combined to their delightfully pedagogical motives!


Check out my new Glass Gallery where you will find all my latest glass designs, works and few videos.


– As a lighting designer I have also got interested in glass lighting, how light bends and dissipates inside and on glass surfaces. It is also interesting to observe the relationship between the colors of light and glass. Check out some glass lighting photos here. In the context of sound design I have also interested in the soundscapes of glass and glassblowing: check out a video here.


Contact: soundscape.troubadour [at] gmail.com